Almost naked, Almost black

To be able to connect with people is one of arts occupation and how this connection is made is for each artist different.

To have a body, one must learn the way to be seen. To have a voice, one must learn a way to be heard. In this work the way the artist presents herself to the audience is through her voice.


I sing a “Wienerlied” from 1933 that tells a story of difficult times but in a very good spirit. I sing in a dress, a “Tracht” that is dipped in plaster and drops until it gets hard and becomes a sculpture in my body. Breasts exposed; voice loud and clear as I sing. The dress becomes hard and it is not a dress anymore but a hard shield, that “protects” me, that hides and shows me, a stranger, an outsider that carries a message and delivers it in such a way.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 21.53.24.png