Also part of the project Performances of Clarice, this performance consisted in an action in which the artist would type in a writing machine the name of the character’s lover “Ixtlan” of the short story “Miss Algrave” in which the performance was based. The story is about a virgin woman who is a writer and is visited by a being of Saturn and has her first sexual experience. After he is finished he leaves her with the promise of returning in the next full moon and the message: use yourself.


The performer dresses a yellow veil that covers her body. The typing is not the usual way of typing letters in the writing machine, she types in the same way that she masturbates herself.


The main idea of the performance is that the body uses an everyday object in the absence of another body. Through an everyday action the body expresses its need of another body. The fetich elements, such as the typing machine, the insinuating typing together with the symbolic elements creates the tension of the performance.