An experimental performance produced and performed by Brazilian Immigrant trans / gender non conforming artists, aiming to break out the glass walls of societal normative gaze. Tieta Lux, Ivy Monteiro, Denise Palmieri and Mavi Veloso.

The collective envision a performance where their bodies are trapped in an imaginary tank. From this starting point, they choreograph an escape from the prying eyes of the public. The piece talks about the overflowing and overloading of energies in and around queer bodies, but also how to reuse those energies to survive.

They allow the public to see, touch, assimilate and (maybe) respect their existence as the Four Divine Apocalipstick Monstrous Latinx Creatures that they unapologetically are.

This performance premiered august 2019 at VBKÖ.

Pictures by Rafaella Bielesch

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