Dawn in Pompeii / the fifth story

The concept of this performance consisted in an action in which the artists were molded with plaster by another artist, based in the short story “A quinta história” (The Fifth Story). The story tells about a woman that teaches constantly the art of killing cockroaches. The recipe is a third of flour, a third of sugar and a third of plaster. The insects eat it and die as statues.


After researching Antony Gormley’s work I developed with the artists Lilian Fontenla and Andrea D’amato this action that consists in one performer submerging a white sheet in to a liquid plaster and then covers the performer with this sheet soaked with plaster. The white cloth dries with the performer in it. After a certain time (around 30 minutes, but specific with each performer) either the mold is removed with help, conserving the shape of the body, or the performer exit from it by him/herself and destroys the object.


The concept achieved through this work was consisted in the inertia that we face in our lives and that we only realize when we come out of it and look from the outside the remains of what you were and who you are now. As facing the inaction of the end of my studies and the new attitude that an artist without the institution has to pose, this metaphor was the perfect example of how the fear of moving can lead us to total obliviousness of who we are and what are we doing here.

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